The Launch & Go-to-Market Toolkit

Did you already build your product/service MVP, validated your business idea and are now ready to launch the first version of your product/service to the market? Then this toolkit is for you. In this toolkit we will guide you through developing your go-to-market plan in 10 days including your positioning, pricing, distribution and customer acquisition strategy.

149,- EUR

per user lifetime toolkit access

*price excluding taxes

What You Will Get:

5 Work Package Guides

Day 1

Product Positioning

Day 2-3

Pricing Strategy

Day 4

Distribution Strategy

Day 5-7

Marketing Customer Acquisition

Day 8-10

Sales Customer Acquisition

12 Templates

Product Positioning

Pricing Strategy

Price Point Definition

Distribution Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Action Plan

Marketing Brief

Content Maketing Plan

Sales Strategy

Sales CRM Spreadsheet

Product/Service Presentation

Project Plan Spreadsheet

7 Curated Lists

Distribution Channel Glossary

Distributor Directory

Marketing Channel Glossary

Content & Asset Creation Stack

Marketing Execution Stack

Influencer Directory

Sales Execution Stack

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