Hi, I’m Nora the founder of Srive ✌️
During the last years I did a lot of stuff…
  • Venture Building: I lead projects, helping clients to quickly build, test and market new ventures and business models.
  • Founder: As an entrepreneur, I have gained firsthand experience in building, maintaining, and expanding my own business.
  • Corporate: I lead internal initiatives and transformation projects focused on loyalty stategy, customer strategy and new revenue models in various corporate positions.
  • Strategy consulting: As a consultant I worked on projects in various sectors mostly related to consumer, commercial and corporate strategy

Why Srive?

Srive is my passion project that brings together all the expertise, experiences, and best practices I have acquired. My aim is to create a world where anyone who has a passion can innovate and build great things without the fear of failure due to limited budgets.

Srive is designed for founders, solo-preneurs, startups, and SMBs who may not have the budget to pay for external support or who prefer to develop their skills in-house. The goal is to provide practical and effective toolkits with proven methodologies to help you efficiently solve business challenges and take your business from an idea to scaling and growth.