About Us

We Made It Our Mission to Democratize Venture Building by Providing Free Access to Step-by-Step Guidance.

Our aim is to provide practical and effective tools based on proven approaches to help innovators effectively solve business challenges and take their ventures from idea to scaling.

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Hi, I’m Nora the Founder of Srive ✌️

During the last years I did a lot of stuff, I lead projects, helping clients to quickly build, test and market new ventures and business models. As an entrepreneur, I have gained firsthand experience in building, maintaining, and expanding my own business. In corporate positions I lead internal initiatives and transformation projects focused on loyalty strategy, customer strategy and new revenue models in various corporate positions. As a consultant I worked on projects in various sectors mostly related to consumer, commercial and corporate strategy. 

With Srive I want to encapsulate all the expertise and best practices I’ve acquired during the last 12+ years and make it available to help innovators facilitate their venture building journey and make it a little more effortless.

Hi, I’m Jan, Chief Growth Officer at Srive ✌️

In my professional life, I’ve always been craving more insights and more experiences regarding marketing and growth of startups and established corporations alike. Nothing fascinates me more than hearing about – or even better, participating in – the next ingenious marketing strategy that captivates the masses. So no wonder I quickly fell in love with digital marketing and especially SEO, which has led me on a path from SMBs through agencies and global corporations. After several years of working as both employee and freelancer – topped off by a master’s thesis about Innovation Communication – I repeatedly noticed the immense difficulties that companies go through in order to launch and grow their businesses or new products.

I strongly believe that growing your product or business should feel rewarding and even be fun, instead of feeling like a constant fight for survival. So you know I jumped at the opportunity to join Srive, grow a product that aligns with my convictions AND can help founders and companies scale their operations easily.

I’ve worked with: