Need help from an Expert?

Our step-by-step playbooks arent enough and you still need help from an expert?

Sure, we have a network of experienced experts who would love to work with you.

Our Expert Partners

Nora Anna Fehringer

I’ve worked with:

“With a track record of 12+ years experience working with top firms and profound expertise in strategy consulting, business building, corporate strategy and transformation, I now help founders and innovators take their ventures from idea to scale.”

What I can help you with:

Business Building Mentor

Product Design Sprint Workshop

Value Proposition Design Workshop

Business Model Design Workshop

Branding Strategy Workshop

Vision Alignment Workshop

Customer Experience & Loyalty Strategy

Urszula Bruski

I’ve worked with:

As a strong executor with a proven track record of effective leadership and client relationship management from deal closure to product launch, I offer guidance as an advisor and mentor with a focus on go-to-market and sales strategy.

What I can help you with:

Sales Advisor & Mentor

Value Based & Consultative Selling

Go-to-Market Strategy

Setting Up a New Business Venture

Sales Mindset Training

Decision Making & Goal Setting Workshop

B2B Buyer’s Journey Workshop

Kai Bartfelder

I’ve worked with:

“A high-calibre finance & strategy consultant with dedicated experience in strategic turnaround management and in-depth knowledge of strategic and operational controlling projects as well as finance and accounting”

What I can help you with:

CFO As A Service

Business Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting


Realignment of finance strategies

Development of new business areas

Project portfolio management

Marlena Kowieska

I’ve worked with:

“As a hands on product manager with experience in B2B and B2C products, I help companies discover their case of use, prepare their user model and build their MVP quickly.”

What I can help you with:

Product Manager As A Service

Innovation Workshop

Product Discovery Workshop

User Research

Product Strategy & Vision Development

AI Consulting

Product Growth Strategy

Valeria Henkel

I’ve worked with:

“Drawing upon extensive expertise in marketing strategy and online brand development, I help individuals and organizations to elevate their presence through Personal Branding, Corporate Branding, and Community Building, all while optimizing digital marketing strategies for maximum impact.”

What I can help you with:

Marketing Expert

Personal Branding Workshop

Corporate Branding Workshop

Employer Branding Workshop

Community Strategy Development

Communication Strategy Development

Online Marketing Training

Jan Klos

I’ve worked with:

“With extensive experience in working with both SMBs and global corporations, I specialize in elevating marketing and growth initiatives to new heights. My greatest joy stems from developing SEO strategies, I also pride myself in taking a more holistic approach to marketing, ensuring that every facet of your strategy is optimized for growth and aligned with your overarching business objectives.”

What I can help you with:

Digital Marketing Expert

Full Service SEO Consulting

SEM Workshop

Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

B2B Social Media Strategy

Corporate Branding Workshop

Corporate Communication Strategy