Step-by-Step Playbooks

Access our free library of comprehensive step-by-step guidance to solve key venture building challenges.

🔎 Explore & Understand The Market

Market Trend Analysis Playbook

Market Environment Analysis Playbook

Competitor Analysis Playbook

Customer Analysis Playbook

Market Sizing Playbook

💡 Ideate & Design Your Venture

Value Proposition Design Playbook

Business Model Design Playbook

Vision & OKR Alignment Playbook

Product & Service Design Playbook

Prototype Development Playbook

User Testing Playbook

Branding Strategy & Design Playbook

🛠️ Build & Validate Your Idea

Agile Project Management Playbook

MVP Development Playbook

Website/Online Shop Development Playbook

Product Validation Playbook

Business Case Definition Playbook

🚀 Launch & Go-to-Market

Product Positioning Playbook

Pricing Strategy Playbook

Distribution Strategy Playbook

Marketing Strategy Playbook

Sales Strategy Playbook

📈 Grow & Scale Your Business

Customer Segmentation Playbook

Customer Relationship Model Playbook

Customer Loyalty Strategy Playbook

Customer Experience Management Playbook

Fundraising Playbook